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       Minsk has a developed transportation network: 140 bus, 65 trolleybus, and 10 tram routs. Cost of a ticket is fairly low: 850 BYR (0.17 USD). Minsk metro: two lines, 24 stations. The underground itself may be regarded as a tourist attraction. One can find here some interesting things like a monument to a unknown proletarian, a bust of Lenin, ceramic bs-reliefs on subjects of Belarusian folk tales, etc. Moreover, it is the cheapest and fastest way of transportation within the city. Cost of a token: 850 BYR, handy 10-day pass magnetic card costs near 12,000 BYR (3 USD). Taxis are ubiquitous and quite affordable: from 8 000 BYR up to 3 km plus 1,700-2,000 BYR per km usual trip costs 10,000 30,000 BYR (2 10 USD).

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