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  Hot Spots

        In the old soviet days, there were a few clubs in Minsk: the club of soviet militia, the club of workers of the Minsk tractor plant and suchlike. Nominally, those survived to the present day, their stages are generally used for concerts and other performances. Night clubs emerged comparably not long time ago. At present theres nearly a hundred of them in Minsk. If a quality of organization and service can be questioned by choosy westerner, a high level of decibelization and the originality of style are undoubted. Clubs are fairly popular with Minskers one can find amongst the habituйs and casual visitors the cream of local business society, funky teenagers, curious foreigners, timid men-huntress, latent KGB agents, transparent prostitutes, and so on and so forth. Surely, visiting night clubs is the best way to thin down your body and wallet at the same time. There is a plenty of choice to fit any taste. We highly recommend you to download In Your Pocket guide, there is a plenty of useful information, inter alia, substantial review of night clubs. We will only add a few addresses that were omitted there. More precisely, gay clubs.
      Art club 6a (Partyzanski 6a) one of the first gay clubs in Minsk. Actually, we dont have any idea, in what way this club deals with art. At least, one thing about this establishment is quite clear: its gay and lesbian visitors prevail over straight ones. If you are considering visiting this club, weigh all pros and cons: decadent style, shabby tables, couches covered in cigarette burns, dirty toilets, beverages of dubious origin on the one hand; democratic atmosphere, friendly public, good selection of pop, electro and house hits, and affordable prices on the other. Traditional transvestite show-programs Singing Queens, Miss Diva also can either amuse or disappoint. Admission fee: 15,000 BYR (3 USD)
      Broadway (ex-Bronx) (Masherava 17/1) a restaurant in the daylight turns into a nightclub in the evening dusk. Two levels, spacious dance floor, relaxed ambience, easy chairs, fine selection of drinks, music ranging from disco hits of 1990-s to popular Russian and world hits your visit would hardly be a disappointment. Special gay events on Saturdays. Admission: 30,000 BYR (6 USD)
    Yabloko (Apple) (Karastayanavay 32) in the same way as the aforementioned Chelsea, this restaurant arranges special Saturday night parties attended predominantly by lesbian audience. Admission: 30,000 BYR (6 USD)
      Casta Diva (Krapotkina 91a) recently found club. Working hours: bar 18.00 - 23.00, club 23.00 - 6.00. Admission: 10,000/20,000 BYR before/after midnight.
        You see, the whole thing is pretty innocent, as the hearts of the residents of our beautiful city. So if you are an ugly monster practicing fornication, flagellation, fisting, footlicking, and other <censored> atrocities then better consider choosing some other destination for your stroll. Puritan Minscovites hide dark side of their nature deep in their souls, or their leather cellars. But it is a case for vice squads to be dealt with.

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