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       Belarusians are definitely a shopaholic nation. This allegation is confirmed by the permanent multi-billion trade deficit of the country for years from the time it gained independence. Our co-citizens love to buy and with great pleasure push each other aside in narrow aisles of supermarkets in pursuit of bargains. Foreign tourist also can find something. It is a commonplace to suggest buying chip and slick linen. One can purchase Russian matryoshka, or Belarusian folk straw doll, which successfully can be used in voodoo rituals. Belarusian fine crystal ware is a good choice. Belarusian vodka is of crystal cleanness and brilliant quality. This national beverage is absolutely harmless. If it was not true, one half of the republics population would have died long time ago.

   Stalitsa shopping mall (Nezalezhnasci square) - Luxurious underground trade centre with numerous fashionable boutiques, prestigious shops, cafes, restaurants, karaoke-bar and 5-d cinema.

        CUM (Nezalezhnasci 54/Yakub Kolas square) - not a sex shop, but a grand soviet-era five-storey   department store. CUM is an abbrevation for Central Universal Magazine (Store). Sells mostly domestically produced goods. Worth visiting as the relict of a Soviet period.

     Kamarouka market (Very Kharuzhay 6) - the biggest farmers market in town, clamorous and crouded. A right place to buy fresh meat, or vegetables and fruits.

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