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 Theatres & Concerts

        While visiting Minsk, do not forget to visit the National Opera and Ballet Theatre. (Paryzhskay Kamuny 1 (Paris Commune square)). The recently reconstructed building of the theatre is glittering with crystal and marble. The scene is decorated with hundreds of gilded hammers and sickles. Coffee in the theatre bar tastes like dishwater, dried cakes are dangerous for your teeth. You will shed a few tears at Verdis Aida, classically strict movements of ballet dancers in Tchaikovskys Nutcracker will catch your breath, crowd scenes in Khachaturians Spartacus definitely will fascinate you. The troupe of the theatre is successfully touring around Europe, Japan, China, and Latin America. Famous choreographer Elizariev was at the head of the theatre for years, world-celebrated prima donna Maria Guleghina started her professional career at this stage. Moreover, the budget of the theatre is supported by the state, so the cost of tickets is lower than that in cinemas. By-effect: tickets are usually sold a month before a performance. Cost of tickets ranges from 6,000 to 30,000 BYR ( 2 12 USD!).
        Another chance to take a portion of delight in high art for a few pence Belarusian State Philharmonia (Nezalezhnasci 50). One more chef doeuvre of Stalinist classicism has been substantially repaired a few years ago. The renovated chamber and symphony halls of the Philharmonia are possessed of perfect acoustics. Cost of tickets ranges from 5,000 to 30,000 BYR.
       The largest concert hall in the city the Palace of Republic (Kastrychnickaya 1) hosts different social and political events, like the National Assembly in Support of Lifelong Presidency, the Congress of Milkers and Pig Breeders, etc. World and regional celebrities usually perform on its stage. Usual cost of tickets: from 600,000 to 60,000 BYR (200 20 USD).


 Art Galleries


       Belarusian land gave birth to world-famous artists Marc Chagall and Kazimir Malevich. Names of such Belarusian artists as Witold Bialynitski-Birula, Yehudy Penn, Hauryla Vashchanka, Mikalay Seliashchuk and many others are widely known in narrow circles of connoisseurs. There is a plenty of private galleries in Minsk. Review on some of them is coming soon.
       The National Art Museum (Lenina 20) consists of two buildings, linked to each other. The exposition of old museum is devoted to Russian classical art. Splendid works of Vassily Surikov, Ilya Repin, Konstantin Korovin, Viktor and Apollinary Vasnetsovs, Isaak Levitan, Kouzma Petrov-Vodkin and other prominent Russian artists are presented. In the exposition of newly built pavilion works of Belarusian artists: baroque icons of 17th c, portraits of Radziwills magnates family, 16th c first Belarusian printed books, socialist realism art of 20th c. Admission fee: 7,500BYR for Belarusian passport-holders, 15,000 BYR (5 USD) for foreign citizens (you may pretend that you are Belarusian).

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